This collection of wills and inventories is a companion volume to publications of documents for the townships of Sowerby and Soyland; Erringden, Langfield and Stansfield; Heptonstall and Wadsworth for the years 1688 - 1700. The documents offer vivid insights into life and death among the people of Midgley and Warley at the end of the seventeenth century. Many were involved in the dual economy of the domestic textile trade and farming. Intriguing insights into family relationships are revealed through bequests, property transfers and the choice of executors. It is noticeable that several individuals have connections with groups of a higher social standing. Inventories give an indication of more extensive private rooms.

The inventories not only describe household goods and personal possessions, but also trade tools and farming implements. They also demonstrate the sizeable sums of money loaned and borrowed, and the role of widows in this economic system. The volume contains a description of the probate process, extensive indexes of persons, places, belongings, and a thorough local glossary of usage for this period.