Jowett cars were made in Bradford between 1910 and 1954 - the only Yorkshire car that was really successful. Benjamin and William Jowett formed the Jowett Motor Manufacturing Company in 1901 to undertake general engineering work and produced their first car by 1906. It was after WW2 that production flourished with over 40,000 Bradfords and 24,000 Javelins. Today many still survive and are lovingly looked after by their owners. The Jowett Car Club has just reached its centenary and is the World’s oldest One Make Car Club.

Barbara Atack has long associations with HBLHS especially as its hard-working President. She is also the membership secretary of the Jowett Car Club. Barbara, together with her late husband, owned several Jowett cars over the years and travelled with them throughout the British Isles and as far afield as France and Spain.