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Milestones and waymarkers in the South Pennines

The Norman Conquest of YorkshireAs we walk along country lanes, bridle paths and canal tow-paths we perhaps don’t always notoice the waymarkers and milestones that guided our forebears. For David Garside, a member of the Yorkshire Milestones Society, the collecting and mapping of these wayside markers is a passion which he shared with a meeting of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society. Read more Monday, 28 January 2019

Lost Houses of the South Pennines

Lost HousesThere was standing room only when artist Kate Lycett came to speak to Hebden Bridge Local History Society about the stories behind her hugely successful  paintings of the Lost Houses of the South Pennines.

As an artist settled in Hebden Bridge, she found that many grand local houses had disappeared almost without trace, and set about searching the archives for documents and photographs that would give her enough detail to create paintings which celebrated their individual styles and moods. Read more Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Breweries and licensed trade in the Upper Valley from 1800

BreweriesPeter Robinson returned to Hebden Bridge Local History Society to tell the story of the inns and beerhouses of the area during the period of industrialisation and population growth after 1800. The development of steam power meant that the factories and workforce were concentrated in the valley bottoms instead of the hill tops and demand for new drinking places also grew. Read report  Friday, 21 December 2018

The story of the fustian co-operative at Nutclough Mill

NutcloughThe Nutclough Mill in Hebden Bridge was the home of a daring and visionary venture in industrial production: a worker-run co-operative which ran, at a profit, for almost fifty years and achieved national and international fame. Andrew Bibby, local author and member of the society, spoke to the Society about how this successful model of production was established and about its role in changing and shaping the character of Hebden Bridge. Read more  Sat 1 December 2018

Anne Lister: the life and loves of a local lady

Parish recordsWith the newly filmed story of Anne Lister about to launch on TV, it was an appropriate time for Hebden Bridge Local History Society to hear something of her story from a long serving volunteer at Shibden Hall whose talking tours bring its most famous resident to life.

Christine Booth spoke with enthusiasm and insight of the woman whose nickname, Gentleman Jack, signified her role as a grudgingly respected outsider in early 19th century Halifax. Read report  
Monday, 19 November 2018

'People All Full of Business'

Full of BusinessThis was how Daniel Defoe described what he saw as he passed through the Calder Valley in the early 1700s.

In their talk at Hebden Bridge Local History Society, Sheila Graham and Barbara Hall showed how they had used the wills and probate records of residents to find out more about the people who lived in Halifax at that time.

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Alan Petford book

The Clothing Industry of Hebden Bridge: selected texts. Edited by Nigel Smith and Diana Monahan. This book contains four unpublished texts on the clothing industry that dominated Hebden Bridge for much of the twentieth century.

See Publications section for more info.

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Trestle Bridge, Blake Dean c1904

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West End Bridge, 1960s


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