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Calderside Mill - details from the 1899 lease

The following information comes from a lease from Claderside company to The Calderside dyeing Company dated 19th October 1899. The lease was for 14 years at an annual rent of £350.

Much of the lease is about legal rights and responsibilities, but it also contains an inventory of fixtures and fitting which give an insight into the mill workings. The word wince occurs a great deal, it is possible that this refers to a winch for pulling stuff out of vats etc.

Calderside lease


One steam engine and boiler with grate, base pipes, valves taps to connected therewith

Bottom room of Mill
One crane for the engine
Gas meter, pipes, burners and fittings throughout the mill, Houses and cottages
All the stream piping and valves throughout the mill except the dyehouse
All the shafting throughout the mill and dyehouses with all the drums, fixings etc except those in the Dyeing and finishing machines and one line shaft

In Backing room No1
One backing mill with table and two cratches, drum and pulley and straps to drive same

In Backing room No2 on second floor
One backing mill with two cylinders
One backing mill with one cylinder
Three dressing machines
Five drums to furnish same and straps
Three tables and one cratch

In Ending and Mending room
Two tables and one stool

In singeing room
One singeing and gassing machine with numerous gas and air pipes
One patent fan below with countershaft drums, fixings and straps
One table and rolling machine

In store
One large wooden cistern fitted up with pipes and ball tap for boiling water
One inspector
One table
One stove pot with grate base and sheet iron pipes
All the wood staves for hanging pieces
Rollers and tabling etc

In the Chemic Shed
Two stone vats for mixing Chemics
One double stone vat fitted up with large wince, pipes and taps
Counter shaft drums, fixings and straps
One large wooden steeping box with false bottom and fitted up with pipes and taps and one cratch

In Dyehouse No1
One large steeping vat with false bottom and fitted up with pipes and taps
One double wooden vat lined with lead for scouring pieces
One double box wince for washing off, fitted up with pipes and taps and gearing
One double wooden box in front for washing off
Two wooden troughs

In Dyehouse 2
Six dye tubs fitted with winces and with pipes and gearing
Two dye tubs fitted without winces and with pipes and gearing
One large wooden vat for scalding wool
One smaller wooden vat
One smaller wooden vat for red wool
One large cask for Turmeric
One other cask
One large vat fitted up with pipes and taps for shumac? with cask above
Two double box winces fitted up with pipes and gearing
One double wooden box for washing off on wheels and strips
One double wooden box for scalding peach wood fitted up with pipes and taps for steam and water
One long wooden cratch bench
Six wooden buckets or juggers
Two piece barrows
Dyers ladles
All the steam and water pipes within the dyehouse with the taps and valves
One line shaft on each side of the dyehouse with gearing to drive the dye tub winces

In Drain place
One gas meter
One ladder

One large drain with stairbags
Two cratches
One large wooden box filled up with pipes attached and ball tap etc
One hoist with large rope and drawing gear

In shed outside
One large heble wince fitted up with shaft and gearing
Pipes and taps for steam and water with pulley straps etc.
One heble wooden box in front fitted up with wince above pipes taps for washing off
One wood ceiling for protection
One drain

In Store house
Wood partitions for dyewood
One large cask for acitate of iron

In Cylinder room
One set of 15 drying cylinders with countershaft
Four drums fitted up with pipes and safety valve, taps and straps for driving same
One rack and cratch

In Stiffening room
Five stiffening tubs, three for boiling fitted up with pipes and taps etc
One large platform or table

One stiffening frame with countershaft drum and strap and cratch
One calenderer or mangle

In Finishing room
One breaking machine with drum and straps
One dressing machine and table
One cropping machine with countershaft. strap to
One finishing dressing machine, strap to
One plaiting machine
One long table for measuring pieces with drawers
Two other tables for making up goods
One hand plaiting frame
One stone table fitted up with roller at end for finishing pieces
Two sets of figures and numbers
One rolling machine
Quantity of spare rollers

In Cutting room
One cutting frame

In Piece room (ground floor)
One eight day timepiece
Two barrows
Two long cratches

In Office
Wood partition forming office
One desk with eight drawers
One stool

In Bottom room of Mill
Sundry spare rollers
Quantity of new staves for stove
One table and vice


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